Leasing, Sales & Acquisition

Our Commercial Team advises a wide range of clients on property leasing, sales, acquisition, ownership strategies, asset management, disposal, development and building consultancy.

We have in-depth knowledge of local and national property markets throughout Nigeria, our expertise includes advising on any commercial property consultancy, financing, research, energy conservation, social housing, as well as development of multi-use developments.

Developers, Owners & Investors

We work with many of the leading developers, property owners and investors. Our teams of qualified and experienced agents can help guide you through the market, whether for a pre-leasing, leasing or acquisition of any asset type. Our agency services is based upon market-leading knowledge, research and analysis. We offer a full range of leasing services including:

  • Disposals
  • Acquisitions
  • Development Consultancy
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Owner and Tenant Representation

How we can help you?

  • Identify target occupiers for your space
  • Property search and acquisition
  • Development appraisal and feasibility analysis
  • Lease negotiation and re-gearing (to add value to your assets)
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Professional consultancy & valuation services
  • Transactional, advisory and management services

Whether you’re looking for a new space or dispose of surplus space, our dedicated lease advisory team are here to help you in:

Finding and Securing space

Acquisition advice typically includes the following stages of activity:

  • Identifying your requirements, reviewing all strategic options
  • Conducting searches for, and inspections of, suitable premises
  • Negotiation of market terms for occupation or purchase
  • Financial analysis of the terms for occupation or purchase
  • Liaison with legal advisors
  • Finding and securing space